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RI Teen Killed in Car Crash


Tragically a 16-year-old female passenger has died following a fatalcar crash which happened Monday night in Hopkinton, Rhode Island. In addition, according to police the two car crash happened between exits 1 and 2 when both cars were headed southbound.

One of the drivers noticed another car speeding from behind, and pulled over to avoid a collision. As a result, the vehicle that was attempting to pull over was struck by the car anyways. The speeding car rolled over into the highway after the car crash.

The female driver of the first vehicle, which pulled over was uninjured in the car crash. The female passenger in the second vehicle which rolled over was killed at the scene. The driver of the rolled vehicle is currently unidentified and was rushed to a nearby hospital in critical condition.

Police are currently investigating the cause of the car accident, but know that speed was a factor; drugs and alcohol are being investigated. A toxicology report is currently pending.

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