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Plane Turbulence Injures 15


If you’ve flown in an airplane, chances are you’ve also experienced the feeling of mild turbulence. Likewise, although turbulence can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience, it not often causes minor injuries to passengers, yet that is exactly what happened to some on one particular flight. Furthermore, 15 passengers onboard a Philippine Airline plane suffered minor injuries as their flight made its way from Hawaii to Manila.

According to an airline statement, Flight PR101 was carrying 132 passengers from Honolulu late Friday when the Airbus 340 started having air turbulence while en route to the destination. In addition the type of turbulence that was experienced was from clear air which is not caused by clouds and thus cannot be detected by radars or visually.

One woman who was wheelchair bound came off the airplane with an icepack on her head stating she was thrown from her seat as the plane suddenly fell and rose from the turbulence. Medical and airline personnel helped the other injured passengers from the flight after the plane made a safe landing.

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