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One Injured and One Dead Following IL Pedestrian Accident


In O’fallon, IL two people were struck by a school bus today on the shoulder of the interstate. Furthermore, the tragic pedestrian accident happened when 45-year-old dal Mager and 36-year-old, Junu rai were walking down highway 50, and were struck by a school bus. Rai has since died from her injuries and Mager is recovering at a nearby hospital, yet is still in critical condition. The bus driver is currently an unidentified woman in her 30’s who has been driving for the bus company since February. The woman is also currently working with police to help them determine what happened.

Although there were a few children on the bus, luckily none of them were injured; one student had a small bump on their head. Emotionally though the children are struggling with the grasp of what they witnessed. Therefore, counselors will be available at Moye elementary today to help the children process the crash.

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