Four Teens Injured in NJ Car Crash

In Newton, New Jersey four teens were injured in a three vehicle car crash. In addition, the chain reaction car crash happened on Tuesday just before rush hour on Woodside and Paterson Avenue. Based on preliminary police investigation, one of the 17-year-old teens was driving on the south side of Woodside with three other young passengers when she failed to yield to the right of way traffic. As a result, a northbound vehicle driven by 20-year-old, Daniel Frost collided as the teen was attempting to turn left onto Patterson.

After both cars collided, a third vehicle driven by 49-year-old, Richard Peck then hit Frosts’ vehicle. Frost and Peck were uninjured in the car crash, but all four teens suffered various injuries; all seemed to be non-life threatening although one was flown to a nearby hospital. The car crash is still under investigation.

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