Family of Shelter Dog that Bit Daughter Claim They Were Deceived

The family of a dog that was adopted and then bit their 12-year-old daughter is now claiming that the shelter the animal was rescued from deceived them. In addition, Diana Dolan of New Mexico adopted a Boxer named Gardner from the local animal rescue in Albuquerque. Shortly thereafter within about a week, the dog was sitting on the couch next to Diana and suddenly growled at her.

A few days later after the incident, a friend of Diana’s who was watching her daughter, May texted her some startling news. The dog had bit Diana’s friend and May. According to the friend, the dog had just suddenly turned and bit both of them for no reason.

Perplexed, Diana looked deeper into the breed of the dog and realized that Gardner was actually a mixed-breed which included pit bull and was actually called Danger. After more investigation it was revealed that some of the dogs at the Animal Welfare Department in Albuquerque had switched names and breeds so they were more adoption friendly to families. Now, there have been several complaints towards the director, Barbara Bruin.

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