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Dog Saved From Death Row Bites Person the Next Day


Just one day after being save from being euthanized, a pit bull terrier bit a person. In addition, just the day before the dog bite accident, the Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department announced reforms and also took certain dogs off the euthanasia list, one including the 9-month puppy, Jewels. The following day, Director of the department, Barbara Bruin was walking Jewels when she suddenly lunged at an employee and bit them.

Although Bruin described the dog bite as a mouthy puppy bite, Jewels is now under a 10-day quarantine for rabies testing.

Furthermore, according to reports, Bruin stated that her decision to save Jewels from being put down was a unique and will not happen again.

Now there is an investigation because it was found that over the past four months the department either adopted or sent out to other shelters aggressive or problematic dogs. Prior to the most recent dog bite accident, Jewels behavior had been disturbing to some of the department’s workers. For instance, Jewels had recently lunged at another worker, and although didn’t break the skin, left a scratch on his arm.

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