Canadian Cyclist Survives Crash With Semi

In a miraculous feat of survival, a Canadian bicyclist lived after being dragged by a semi truck on Wednesday. Furthermore Lada Cumpelik survived being dragged more then a half a kilometer by a semi truck when his bike became stuck under the vehicle.

The bicycle accident happened just as Cumpelik was cycling down a steep hill, and a flatbed semi truck turned in front of him. As Cumpelik slammed no his brakes, he lost control of his bike, and it then became trapped under the trucks wheels.

As soon as Cumpelik was under the truck, he grabbed the brake line of his bike and held on for dear life. Likewise, Cumpelik slid on the road under the truck screaming, wondering if this was his last ride. Finally passers by saw and heard Cumpelik under the truck, and flagged the driver to stop. Cumpelik suffered a broken shoulder, fractured ribs, and road rash, but will survive.

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