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2 Children Bitten by Dog in SC


In Charleston, SC two children are recovering after adog bite accident that occurred at a Farmer’s Market. Likewise, on Saturday at about noon, Charleston Police officers were called after a child was bit by a dog near Marion Square in downtown. Furthermore, the dog bite accident happened when the boxer/Rottweiler mix was sitting next to a foster own on a leash, and then suddenly went after the young child as they were passing by. The 3-year-old was bitten on the left thigh.

Just after the first dog bite attack, the animal once again lunged at another child and again caused damage. This time, the dog bit another 3-year-old child on the left shoulder. Both children who were bit by the dog were treated by EMS and taken to a nearby hospital. Currently both children’s conditions are unknown.

The animal is now being held for a 10 day quarantine after the dog bite accidents. Currently it is not known what provoked the dog to attack, and it did not have a history of being violent. It is not known whether or not the dog will be euthanized at this point.

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