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Police Officer Sustains Dog Bites Saving Woman From Attack


A police officer in North Carolina sustained dog bite injuries attempting to save a woman being attacked. The accident happened on Thursday afternoon in Davidson, North Carolina. As a police officer was traveling down a street in his squad car, he noticed a woman being attacked by a dog. The officer jumped from his vehicle and ran to the woman’s aid. As he was attempting to pull the animal from the victim, the dog turned on the officer and began biting him. The officer sustained dog bite injuries to his face and hands and was taken to the hospital for treatment. The woman also sustained injuries, but the extent and her condition are unknown. Authorities stated that the dog is not a stray and had escaped from its owner prior to the attack.

Dog owners may be held responsible for injuries sustained by individuals who suffer a dog bite. State laws and local ordinances require dog owners to register their pets and keep their vaccinations up to date. Owners are also required to prevent a dog attack from occurring by securing the animal. Individuals that experience a dog bite will not only suffer physically but also emotionally due to the traumatic event. If you have been injured in a dog attack, it is important to contact a skilled St. Louis dog bite attorney.

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