Minnesota Woman Struck by Car and Killed

Tragically one elderly couple’s daily routine turned tragic after one of them was struck and killed by a car. Furthermore, the pedestrian accident happened Thursday morning while Kunlek Wangmo and her husband, Lobsang Jorkhang were walking on St. Paul’s W. 7th Street near downtown; a route they take every single morning.

Suddenly Jorkhang heard a thud, and when looking back behind him to see what it was, he saw his wife lying on the ground. The pedestrian accident happened nearly a mile from their home when the car hit 63-year-old, Wangmo, killing her instantly.

The car that struck Wangmo was driven by a 29-year-old woman, who stopped after the pedestrian accident and cooperated with police. According to police, drugs and alcohol were not a factor in the pedestrian accident, and no arrests have been made.

Thus far it is unclear where Wangmo was standing at the time of the incident because her body was in the crosswalk. An investigation into the pedestrian accident is pending.

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