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Customer Discovers Dead Mouse in Subway Sandwich

Customer Discovers Dead Mouse in Subway Sandwich

As two men attempted to have lunch at a Subway restaurant in Lincoln City, Oregon, they discovered a dead mouse in their sandwich. The incident occurred on October 6 when Matt Jones and his friend each ordered a sandwich. As they watched the employee prepare their food, the men and the employee were stunned to see a dead mouse in the spinach leaves she had placed on the sandwich. Jones took a photo of the sandwich and posted it on his social media page. Subway immediately issued a statement indicating they were sorry for the incident, and the patron had received a full refund. The company also stated that the local health department had inspected the location and that they were not in violation of any health codes. It is believed that the mouse was likely transported to the location inside the bag of spinach.

Illnesses caused by food could be subject to premises liability laws and/or product liability laws. Premises liability requires property owners, including restaurant owners, to provide a safe environment for those who enter their facility. It also requires that the food that is served to be safe and will not cause illness or injury to their customers. Product liability laws required manufacturers to produce a safe and healthy product that will not inflict an injury or illness upon a consumer. Injuries and illnesses in both cases may be difficult to determine liability, making it imperative to contact a skilled St. Louis premises liability attorney.

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