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Child Sustains Dog Bite to Throat


A 12-year-old boy sustained injuries to his throat from a dog bite. According to authorities, the dog is a pit bull terrier and is owned by Benjamin Osborne. The incident occurred in Jonesboro, Arkansas, when the boy and his stepmother were in the home that the family is moving into, and Osborne was in the process of moving out. According to the stepmother, the boy was sitting on the living room floor when the dog attacked him, clamping its’ jaws onto the child's throat. The boy was transported to the hospital and then transferred to an intensive care unit at a Children's hospital in Tennessee. His current condition is unknown, but he is believed to have serious injuries.

Benjamin Osborne told police that his dog was not up to date on its' rabies vaccinations. Police reported that the same animal was involved in two separate dog bite incidents prior to the attack on Monday. Authorities confiscated the animal that will be euthanized and tested for rabies. Osborne was cited for harboring a vicious animal and not complying with state law requiring rabies vaccinations.

Dog bites not only cause serious injuries and death, but the victim can also sustain emotional damages. Premises liability laws require property owners, including dog owners, to maintain a safe environment for anyone that would enter the location. Dog owners are responsible for containing their pets to prevent an attack from occurring. Individuals that have sustained a dog bite may have grounds to file a premises liability case.

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