Woman Killed in Skiing Accident

A skiing accident at Big Bear claimed the life of a young woman over the weekend. According to the San Bernardino County authorities, 21-year-old Natalie E. Altieri was killed on Saturday when she was skiing at the resort. Altieri had run into a metal stairway and was transported to the hospital by ambulance. Unfortunately, she died at the hospital soon after the accident. Altieri was from Canton, Ohio and a college student at the University of Cincinnati. The accident is being investigated by authorities.

Accidents that occur on property owned by another party could be grounds for a premises liability case. Slip and fall accidents, dog bites, food poisonings, and drownings are a few examples of premises liability accidents. Property owners must maintain a safe environment to ensure the safety of any person that enters the premises. Individuals that are injured will likely incur medical expenses, lost wages if time off work is required, and mental anguish. To recover compensation for those damages, those injured must consult an experienced premises liability attorney.

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