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Medical Malpractice Leads to $14.3 Million Award


A married couple was awarded $14.3 million in what began as a medical malpractice lawsuit. In 2004, Alizabeth and Elvin Hana gave birth to their daughter but there were some complications during birth. Due to the child being oxygen deprived, she sustained a brain injury that resulted in her death just three years later. The Hana’s filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the obstetrician and the hospital where the birth occurred. They were originally awarded $6.17 million but only received $3 million after the insurance company claimed to be capped. The Hana’s decided to file a bad faith lawsuit that resulted in the $14.3 million award in Cook County Court.

Everyone is entitled to receive health care that is provided at a level that is considered acceptable. All medical providers take an oath to protect their patients and provide them the highest level of care. However, it is unfortunate that thousands of individuals are subjected to medical malpractice every year in the United States. Some officials believe that the current generation of young doctors are apathetic, and they also believe that the overabundance of patients being treated on a regular basis can result in more mistakes. Surgical errors, birthing injuries, misdiagnosis, and failing to diagnose are all examples of common medical malpractice issues, and those responsible should be held accountable.

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