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Latest Recalls Effect Most Consumers


Food, lawn equipment, and children’s products are the latest recalls that have been issued due to dangerous or defective products. Campbell’s Soup has recalled around 355,000 cans of SpaghettiOs due to a potential choking hazard caused by the interior lining of the can. Children’s Straws and Tumbler sets are also being recalled due to a choking hazard. Consumers have complained to Ninja regarding lacerations suffered by their blenders leading to a recall, and Trader Joe’s is recalling some of their pasta due to the possibility of it containing a nut that can trigger allergies. All recall information can be found online and retail stores.

Lately, it is a common occurrence to read about a consumer product being recalled due to being potentially harmful. Tragically, most recalls are issued after an individual has sustained an injury, illness, or death by the product. Every year, thousands of individuals are treated in emergency rooms due to injuries suffered from dangerous products, and a large portion of those injured are children. Electronics, toys, food, and pet products are just a few examples of consumer goods that have been responsible for the harm of consumers. Product liability laws protect consumers’ rights in the event that they may have been harmed from a product.

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