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Honda Pilots Recalled

Honda Pilots Recalled

A recall has been issued by Honda for 35,000 of their vehicles due to their warning lamps not activating properly. The vehicles recalled are the 2016 Honda Pilots that are two-wheeled drive and manufactured between May 4, 2015, and September 8, 2015, and the four-wheeled drive vehicles produced during May 7, 2015, and September 4, 2015. The failure of the warning lights to activate fails to warn drivers of potential issues related to the vehicle. Owners are encouraged to return the vehicle to a dealer to receive a repair.

Product liability laws require manufacturers to produce and distribute safe items that will not harm consumers. Thousands of individuals sustain injuries due to dangerous and defective products every year and unfortunately, a large portion of those individuals are children. Toys are one of the most common products to inflict injuries upon children. Vehicles, electronics, medical devices, and food products can cause injuries, illnesses, and death in consumers when they are dangerous or defective. In order to hold a manufacturer responsible for your damages, it is imperative to consult an experienced St. Louis product liability attorney.

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