Flagman Killed in Construction Accident

A flagman was hit by a trash truck in a construction work zone on Wednesday in northeast Missouri. According to authorities, 47-year-old John W. Johnson was stopping traffic on Highway 13 near Warrensburg when he was hit by the truck. The accident was part of a four-vehicle auto accident. The trash truck is responsible for colliding with a stopped vehicle and a chain reaction occurred causing it to hit another vehicle. After the initial impact, the trash truck veered off the roadway, and the driver then drove back onto the highway, striking Johnson and a fourth vehicle. Three occupants of the vehicles sustained injuries in the accident, and unfortunately, Johnson was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The Missouri State Highway Patrol is investigating the accident, and it is unknown if charges will be filed.

Accidents should be thoroughly investigated to determine if the victims involved have grounds to file a case, and to also determine if more than one party is responsible. It takes an experienced St. Louis personal injury attorney to determine if there is grounds for a third party case and all individuals involved in auto accidents, workplace accidents, and accidents on property owned by others should seek a proper evaluation. A person injured or killed in an auto accident while performing their work-related duties may have grounds to file compensation against the at-fault driver and file a worker’s compensation case.

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