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Family Sues After Dog Bite


The family of a 4-year-old boy has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a dog that bit the child, as well as the Pet Clinic where the incident occurred. The child and his babysitter were visiting the Pet Clinic when a 4-year-old Labrador mix bit the child’s ear. There are different versions of the event. One of which is that the child was bending down where the dog was located attempting to get him to come out from underneath a desk, and the boy lunged at the dog, and it bit in self-defense. The other account is that the dog was under the desk, and the boy bent down to retrieve a toy when the dog lunged at the child and bit his ear. The boy was taken to the hospital where he received stitches and will undergo reconstructive surgery in the future. The plaintiffs claim they attempted to resolve the issue with the dog’s owner and the clinic without success that lead to filing the suit. A ruling from the judge should be received within the next week.

Dog bites and attacks can be very traumatic to any individual, especially a child. Dog owners are responsible to contain their pets to prevent an attack from occurring. Unfortunately, thousands of dog bite victims are treated in emergency rooms every year. Premises liability laws have been established to ensure that property owners, and pet owners, maintain their premises to prevent an injury from occurring. Examples of accidents under these laws include slip and falls, food poisoning, drownings, and dog bites.

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