Dangerous Roadway Criticized After Fatal Accident

Authorities in Edinburg, Texas are searching for the driver responsible for killing two individuals in a hit and run accident. According to authorities, Julio Zuniga-Alvarez and his mother, Belia Alvarez were traveling to church Monday evening when they were hit by a vehicle. They were traveling on foot along Richardson Road when they were struck near Terry Drive. Residents are urging officials to correct the area in which the accident occurred. In the last three years, there have been 58 auto accidents along Richardson Road resulting in four fatalities, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. Residents believe the lack of adequate lighting is to blame for the accidents. Authorities are encouraging all witnesses with information regarding the hit and run accident, or the whereabouts of the driver to contact police.

All drivers involved in auto accidents are required by law to remain at the scene of the accident to provide personal and insurance information. When a driver fails to comply with those traffic laws, they are responsible for committing the crime of a hit and run accident. Drivers often flee the scene of an accident to avoid criminal and financial consequences. Individuals injured in hit and run accidents may find it difficult to recover compensation making it imperative to consult an experienced St. Louis auto accident attorney.

The hit and run accident lawyers at Meyerkord & Kurth have handled thousands of accident cases. Our attorneys will work diligently to determine the identity of the driver responsible for your accident. We will also fight to recover the maximum compensation for your damages. Contact us today to receive a free no-obligation consultation.

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