Car Accidents Occur on Dangerous Roadway

A section of roadway in Lyon, Michigan is receiving attention after several car accidents have occurred. Residents and travelers are claiming that 10 Mile Road is a dangerous roadway after several accidents have resulted in injuries and fatalities. The intersections lack traffic signal devices, and residents are urging the Road Commission of Oakland County to correct the issue to prevent additional accidents. On Tuesday, two auto accidents occurred resulting in two individuals sustaining injuries. The Road Commission said that they were investigating the area to determine how to correct the issue to avoid auto accidents.

One cause of car accidents that is sometimes overlooked is that of dangerous roadways. The design, lack of traffic signals, and condition of a roadway can lead to accidents in which the city or county could be liable. All auto accidents should be fully investigated to determine the cause and liability. Individuals injured may have grounds to file an auto accident case against the liable party to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, property damages, and mental anguish.

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