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Bus Accident Injures 34


A bus accident in Virginia injured 34 students on Sunday night. A chartered bus service called Home Ride was transporting several college students back to campus after their Thanksgiving break when the accident happened near Richmond. According to the Virginia State Police, 58-year-old Thomas B. Chidester was driving the bus when he failed to negotiate a curve causing the bus to overturn. The students were from Radford University and Virginia Tech, and the majority are believed to have suffered minor injuries. However, at least one individual was listed as serious condition. Chidester was cited for reckless driving. The accident is being investigated by the Virginia State Police and the National Transit Safety Board, and authorities believe the accident was caused by speeding. Home Ride did not issue a statement regarding the accident.

Bus accidents carry the risk of resulting in several injuries and fatalities due to the passenger capacity of the vehicle. Similar to all other auto accidents, each bus accident has unique circumstances but typically share common factors. Negligent and reckless driving, design flaws, dangerous roadways, and mechanical defects are the common causes of auto accidents including bus accidents. Being involved in an accident is traumatic and depending on the extent of the injury, an individual could suffer throughout their lifetime. Victims of bus accidents should be able to focus on recovering from the crash opposed to dealing with insurance companies. Contacting a St. Louis bus accident attorney can alleviate the stress of attempting to obtain compensation for your damages.

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