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Belleville Landlord Sued for Slip and Fall Accident


A Belleville, Illinois woman, has filed a lawsuit against her landlord for damages she sustained in a slip and fall accident. The plaintiff, Tara Lewis, filed a lawsuit against her landlord, Robert MacDonald for not properly maintaining the property to prevent an accident or injury. MacDonald is a landlord at an apartment complex in Belleville. The slip and fall accident happened on January 26, 2014, when Lewis alleges she slipped on an unnatural accumulation of ice on the property. The complaint claims MacDonald was aware of the issue and ignored the problem resulting in her injuries. Lewis is seeking compensation more than $50,000.

Slip and fall accidents occur several times throughout the year resulting in individuals sustaining serious injuries. Premises liability laws require owners of apartment buildings, and their managers, to maintain the property to prevent an accident from happening. In the event that an accident does occur, the individual injured may have grounds to file a premises liability case. Slip and falls, dog bites, drownings, and food poisoning are all examples of premises liability accidents. Individuals that sustain an injury, illness, or death due to the negligence of a property owner should seek the assistance of an experienced St. Louis premises liability attorney.

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