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Woman Steals Ambulance and Hits Semi in California


In Frazier Park, California Friday two people died after a strange and tragic motor vehicle accident. Furthermore, the accident happened when rescue crews were responding to a report of a woman having a seizure. When they arrived on the site, the unidentified woman drew a knife on the paramedics, stole the ambulance, and drove away.

The ambulance drivers did not struggle with the woman and followed protocol in following safety first. The woman then sped away doing nearly 100 mph, without using the sirens. Eventually, the woman crashed the speeding ambulance into a semi. Many witnesses say the woman seemed as if she was intentionally driving the ambulance into the semi.

Likewise, the impact was so severe many described the sound as a bomb going off. Sadly the woman and the semi driver were both killed instantly. Neither victim’s names have been released yet as well. It is not known why the woman seized the ambulance, or what caused her to crash into the semi killing them both.

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