Two Drivers and a Child Killed in NJ Car Accident

Tragically on Sunday afternoon a crash killed two drivers as well as one child in Millville, New Jersey. The accident occurred on Buckshutem and University Roads when one vehicle hit the other. Furthermore, one of the drivers was 49-year-old, Michelle Zenchuck, who died at the scene. There was also an 8-year-old girl who died following the accident, and another 3-year-old child who was critically injured.

The driver of the other vehicle was 22-year-old, Christopher Platt, and was also killed in the accident. Witnesses that saw the crash accounted that Platt’s vehicle was speeding down the road prior to the accident. As a result, Platt’s car swerved past another just before he slammed into Zenchuck’s vehicle, and her side of the vehicle took the brunt of the damage. The stretch of road that the accident occurred on is known for racing, and residents are pleading that police do something soon to combat the issue before more people die.

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