Two demolition workers hurt in STL building dismantling job

On Friday, two men were seriously injured in a building collapse at the 3900 block of West Pine in St. Louis, Missouri. The workplace accident happened when the men were in the process of going through bricks on the third floor of a building when a section of the building fell off, and sent the men falling through to the basement. The drop of nearly 30 feet nearly killed the men, and the other workers on site were worried what they might find at the bottom of the pile of fallen bricks after the fall.

One by one, the bricks were removed, and the other workers helped pull the men to safety. When paramedics arrived, although injured, the two men were alert and speaking to responders. Both were transported to a nearby hospital and are listed in stable condition. The foreman on the job states that in his many years in demolition work, he’s never seen anything like this accident before. Likewise, the foreman stated the men’s job that day was very “routine” and if anything the accident could be attributed to simply bad luck.

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