STL Mom Drives While Doing Heroin and Crashes Car With Toddler Inside

A St. Louis woman nearly killed her child Tuesday when she decided to do heroin while driving. Furthermore, 33-year-old, Mandy Schlef was driving on Interstate 55 near Bates Road when she fell asleep at the wheel. After Schlef’s vehicle veered in the median and came to a stop, police were shocked at what they found when they approached her car.

Schlef had her eyes closed with a spoon and mirror resting on her and a needle in her arm. Likewise, there were also capsules with residue placed next to her as well. When a paramedic woke Schlef, she told police that she needed to stop doing heroin. Sadly, Schlef’s toddler was in the back seat the entire time. It was not reported whether or not the child was injured. Now Schlef faces the following charges: endangering the welfare of a child, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, driving while under the influence of a drug.

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