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South Carolina Postal Workers Receive the Most Dog Bites for the State


According to the U.S. Postal Service, Greenville County, SC has the highest number of dog bite accidents that involve postal workers out of any place in the state. Likewise, according to a safety report, there have been 31 biting incidents in the following zip codes in the past year: 290-296 and 299. Out of the 31 dog bite incidents in 2014, six occurred in Greenville County.

Also, ten of the dog bite accident required medical treatment and were reported to OSHA. OSHA also reports that the rise in dog bites for postal workers rises in April, May and June, obviously when the weather gets warmer.

To keep employees safe, mail carriers are constantly receiving training to help prevent a dog bite accident. Furthermore, the following tips are ways homeowners can help keep their mail carriers safe:

• If mail is delivered to your front door, keep your dog in a separate room, and close the door before opening the front door.

• Owners should remind children about keeping the family dog secured.

• If a mail carrier feels threatened by a dog, the owner may be asked to pick up mail at the Post Office to make sure the worker is safe.

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