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Six People Injured in Seattle Car Crash


A near fatal crash happened Thursday on Interstate 5 near Austin Street in Seattle, Washington when two vehicles collides, and one went nearly 70 feet down an embankment. Four people were inside the car in the ditch, and two were critically injured in the crash. One of the victims in that car suffered a serious back injury as well.

The other two people inside the vehicle were hurt, but only suffered minor injuries, and one was able to crawl out of the vehicle to the freeway to get help. The crash happened when two cars were seen driving erratically before the one went down the embankment. The second car involved in the crash stayed on the highway. Although four people were inside the second vehicle, only two suffered minor injuries.

Although an investigation is pending into what events led up to the accident, police state it will be investigated as a felony collision. All of the eight people involved in the crash are no older than 18-years-old, and all of them know one another, and the majority are students at Cleveland High School. The students were on their way to class at the time of the crash.

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