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Salmonella Laced Sushi Sickens 53 in 9 States


Salmonella is a bacterial infection, which causes numerous unpleasant gastrointestinal symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. Furthermore, the CDC has announced that Salmonella has recently been linked to sushi, which has sickened 53 people from nine different states. The vast majority of the cases happened in California, as well as Arizona, Illinois, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin. Many of the cases happened in the southwestern portion of the U.S. or occurred in people that traveled to that part of the country prior to getting sick. Likewise, five clusters of the people who became ill ate sushi at the same establishment.

Although no one died, over 10 of the infected people were hospitalized. The CDC are also taking this time to remind that certain groups of people should avoid raw fish products and shellfish with or without the salmonella risk. The following groups of people that should avoid sushi and other types of raw fish are:

• Pregnant Women

• Children Under Age 5

• Adults Over 65

• People With Compromised Immune Systems

Salmonella is particularly harmful and more prevalent in undercooked foods. The brand or supplier of the raw tuna that is contaminated with salmonella has not yet been identified.

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