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Muffins recalled due to undeclared nut ingredients


Food allergies are a dangerous thing, and even the slightest taste of an undeclared allergen can send people into a serious medical emergency. Likewise, the most dangerous medical situation related to food allergies is an anaphylactic shock. For instance, if an allergen is ingested, the allergic person’s throat may swell to such an extreme that they can’t breathe. Luckily a quick shot of epinephrine can potentially save that person’s life, yet safety measures must always need to be taken with food containing such allergens.

Sadly, when consumers are unaware of potential food allergens in their food, they are put at risk. Currently, Waterbury ShopRite muffins have recalled a batch of their product due to undeclared allergens. The product has been recalled because the package is labeled as chocolate chip muffins when in fact they’re banana nut muffins inside. Therefore, since banana nut muffins contain nuts, those allergic to them may consume the product and suffer an anaphylactic emergency.

The batch of recalled muffins has a sell by date listed of May 7 and was only sold at the store location of 943 Wolcott St. in Waterbury, Connecticut. The only people at risk are those allergic to nuts, and all other consumers can eat them without consequence.

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