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Motorcyclist Struck Twice by Same Car in STL Hit-and Run


Police are actively searching for the driver that struck a motorcyclist and left the scene of the accident in North St. Louis on Tuesday. Motorcyclist was Mike Hoffner was traveling on Shackelford and Mulanfey in Florissant when the first accident happened. Hoffner stated a car approached his left side and clipped his elbow.

The car did not stop, and Hoffner followed the car for three miles to try and obtain the license plate number. As a result, he was struck yet again by the same driver. This time Hoffner said after the car slammed on their brakes, so he positioned his motorcycle next to the vehicle. That’s when the driver veered over, slammed into Hoffner, and knocked him to the ground. Now, Hoffner says he has over $4000 in motorcycle damage. Hoffner did manage to obtain a partial license plate number and has filed a police report in Florissant and Hazelwood, where both accidents took place.

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