Man killed in Connecticut semi crash

Semi crashes are one of the leading causes of fatal motor vehicle accidents. Likewise, the risk of fatality increases with semi crashes because there is a chance a vehicle can slide underneath a semi-truck, leaving not much room for survival. In addition, one man has died in Meriden, CT following a semi crash on I-691.

The crash happened near exit 4 when 51-year-old, Hector Ramos struck the back of semi truck with his Ford Explorer SUV. As the tractor-trailer was slowing for upcoming stopped traffic, Ramos hit the back of the truck, and thus his vehicle slid underneath. Ramos was extracted from his vehicle, and later died of serious injuries he sustained in the crash. 42-year-old, Daniel Morton was the driver of the semi and did not suffer any injuries. The crash is currently under investigation with the local police.

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