Louisiana Teacher Gave Marijuana Brownies to Students

Teachers are supposed to protect and guide your children, yet sadly some place them in harms way even after you’ve entrusted them with their lives. In addition, 29-year-old, Camille Brennan has been arrested in connection with giving two students at her school pot-laced brownies.

Furthermore, Brennan was a teacher at the Archbishop Hannan High School in Covington, Louisiana where the incident took place. Brennan was arrested Thursday for allegedly giving two students the brownies and now is facing charges. As a result, Brennan faces two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and two counts of distribution of marijuana.

An investigation started after a parent contacted the school about the incident, which took place May 1. Soon after Brennan resigned. There are other charges that Brennan may face as well. The school's principal, Father Charles Latour, said, “The care and safety of your sons and daughters is a priority I hold sacred. “

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