Golden Krust recalling products due to undeclared egg

The Bronx-based chain; Golden Krust recalled several of its products due to undeclared egg. In addition, more than 6,000 cases of shrimp and soya patties are included in the recall and have been distributed throughout various stores as well as it’s Golden Crust Caribbean Bakery & Grill in the northeast.

The bulk cases of products contain 50 individual patties with parchment paper are the main items being recalled. Also, the cases have expiration dates of Jan. 24, 2015 through Feb. 25, 2016 stamped on them as well. Thus far, no one has been injured from the labeling mishap. The company realizes that by not labeling the product as having egg ingredients it is misleading the consumer, and may harm some as well. Likewise, consumers with egg allergies may suffer life-threatening allergic reactions to their products if they unknowing consume them.

Food allergies are dangerous for some people, and even the slightest taste of an undeclared allergen can send people into anaphylactic shock. Therefore, if an allergen is ingested, the allergic person’s throat may swell to such an extreme that they can’t breathe. Luckily a quick shot of epinephrine can open up the person's airways, yet safety measures must always be taken with food. No person should suffer from eating a product with undeclared food allergens in them, simply because the company was negligent in labeling them accordingly.

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