Five Dog Attacks In One Week In Calgary

It’s been a busy week for police in Calgary, Canada due to several dog bite accidents. Furthermore, the there has been five dog attack accidents in one week. Likewise, three of the dog attacks include three suspected pit bull breeds according to animal services. Now, officials are highly concerned about the public's safety, specifically with the pit bull breed.

On Saturday, a pit bull killed a Bichon Frise-Yorkshire terrier mix dog, and the aggressor dog was seized. The following day, another pit bull killed another leashed dog. Five charges are pending in that case, and the pit bull is still unlocated.

In addition, on Monday a 10-year-old girl and 12-year-old boy suffered minor injuries after a Great Pyrenees dog attacked them. In this case, there are five charges pending: having a dog-at-large, two charges of dog chasing and threatening a person, two charges of a dog biting a person. Lastly on Wednesday a young girl was bitten by a pit bull type dog and suffered soft-tissue damage to her legs.

That same day another dog attack involving a German Shepherd and Labrador mix occurred when the dog was running free and attacked a woman at a bus stop. Now Calgary officials are looking at the possibility of banning certain types of dogs, imposing higher fines or licensing fees for certain breeds.

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