Fiat Chrysler Refusing to Fix Some Recalled Vehicles

Fiat-Chrysler is refusing to repair some of their vehicles that are part of the almost 1.6 million recalled Jeeps due to fire risk hazards. The eyebrow-raising refusal is prompting questions amongst regulators as to why the company would refuse to fix certain vehicles. According to the NHTSA, Jeep advised them that they are unable to repair some of the vehicles because the rear of the Jeep’s had too much rust. Now, the NHTSA if preparing for a hearing in July regarding Fiat Chryslers recall practices and call the corrosion issue impossible to pass for not fixing certain vehicles.

Over 96,000 vehicles are affected by Fiat Chrysler’s rusty excuse not to fix the vehicles in the recall. Under federal regulations, the automaker cannot pick and choose which vehicles they are going to fix. Furthermore, Fiat Chrysler’s only option, if they can't fix the issue, is to replace it or buy it back. The concern surrounding the recall is the gas tank location on the 1993-1998 Grand Cherokee models, and the 2002-2007

Jeep Liberty’s, where it is located behind the rear axle. Typically gas tanks are near the front of the rear axle, which gives support in case a vehicle is rear-ended. In 2013, the NHTSA deemed the Jeep’s gas tanks were unacceptably vulnerable to fatal fires in the case of a rear impact. Thus, a trailer hitch was placed on the back of the vehicles as a way to give crash protection for the gas tank.

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