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Children Injured in Bounce House Mishap


It was a scary and surreal scene in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Memorial Day when a bounce house went flying through the air, with children inside. In fact, three children were bouncing inside the house when a waterspout carried it several feet through the air. Before the accident, the bounce house was placed inside a basketball court, and when it was lifted into the air, it went high about the tree line, and across four lanes of traffic.

Luckily shortly after the bounce house ascended into the air, the children were dumped out onto the nearby sand. All of the children were injured in the incident, although it could’ve been much worse. Two of the kids suffered fractures, and the third child is still in the hospital for observation. Although this bounce house was securely fastened to the ground, it was not enough to prevent an injury. Furthermore, injuries caused by bounce houses are increasing in frequency. Likewise, in 2010 about 31 children per day were sent to emergency rooms in the U.S. due to injuries.

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