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Arkansas Woman Cited After Dog Bites Neighbor


Thursday in Jonesboro, Arkansas, a woman was cited after one of her dogs bit a neighbor. In addition, police were called to the St. Bernard’s Emergency Room after the victim of the dog bite was being treated. The incident happened when the neighbor’s dog had gotten loose from their fenced in backyard.

When the victim tried to help put the animal back in its backyard, the dog came running towards her with its mouth open. As a result, the dog bit her left arm as she was trying to fend off the animal, and then it bit her again in her right buttock. The dog then ran away, and an ambulance transported to the woman to the hospital.

The dog owner is 30-year-old, Melissa Kidd and was not at home when the attack occurred. Kidd was cited for not having a state rabies certificate because it was expired, and having a dog at large. The dog is now quarantined at a vet’s office for the next ten days. It was not reported what breed of dog the animal is.

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