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U.S. Military helicopter crashes in Florida


Sadly, similar to a plot from a movie, Tuesday night a U.S. military helicopter crashed, killing 11 onboard. In addition, the helicopter was an Army Black Hawk, which crashed into the water just off the northern coast of Florida. The crew on board was conducting a nighttime training mission during foggy conditions when it left for the exercise that night. Early the next morning crash debris was found around Okaloosa Island, which had washed ashore. It is believed the helicopter crashed just east of the Navarre Bridge, which connects northern Florida to a barrier island.

Seven Marines and four helicopter crew people were on board the flight, and sadly all perished in the crash. All seven of the Marines, which were on the flight were based at Camp Lejuene in North Carolina. There was another Black Hawk conducting a nighttime training exercise as well Tuesday night, yet made it back to base safety. Thus far, there is no indication of anything suspicious in regards to the crash.

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