Train and semi collide in North Carolina

An Amtrak passenger train hit a semi truck Tuesday in Raleigh, North Carolina. In addition, after the Philadelphia-bound train struck the semi, it derailed off the tracks with people on board. The accident happened when the semi became stuck on the tracks after it attempted to make a right hand turn. Likewise, prior to the crash, the semi driver began to attempt to maneuver the truck off the tracks, but was unable to do so. After the crossing gates closed on the truck, and the whistle of the oncoming train grew closer, the driver jumped out of the semi and ran to safety.

There were 213 passengers on board, including 40 which were injured in the crash; 25 were taken to the hospital via bus, and 15 by ambulance. Luckily, none of the passengers that were injured suffered any life-threatening injuries. Witness, Leslie Cipriani videotaped the entire ordeal on her phone as it happened. Cipriani said she captured the crash on her phone in case authorities needed it for evidence later down the road.

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