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Semi driver injured in crash in Washington


Tuesday night in Auburn, Washington, two semi trucks collided on State Route 18, leaving one driver injured. Likewise, the accident occurred in the eastbound lanes near the Auburn Way exit when two semi trucks headed in the same direction hit one another. As a result, the trucks hit a nearby light pole, and electrical box all while blocking the ramps to and from the roadway. Both semi trucks were hauling potting soil and other perishable items, which spilt out on the roadway.

Diesel fuel also spilt on the road after one of the semi trucks flipped on its side. Nearby residents did not see the crash, but heard it; many said it sounded like an explosion. One of the semis' was headed towards a nearby house, but luckily two trees blocked the way. One of the semi drivers was taken to a nearby hospital with minor injuries, and the other tractor-trailer driver was unharmed.

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