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Nursing home owner in Belleville alleged with wrongful death


Sadly on March 12th, a woman who was a resident at the Midwest Rehabilitation facility in Belleville, Illinois was founddead at the bottom of a flight of stairs. Furthermore, 85-year-old, Juanita Simmons fell down the stairs while still strapped to her wheelchair. Senior Healthcare Management owns the facility and 12 others in Illinois, and all have only a one-star rating. Additionally, Midwest Rehabilitation as well as Alton Rehab have been named in five wrongful death lawsuits in three years within Madison and St. Clair counties. Likewise, since nursing home ownership is big business for the investors, if neglect is suspected, those individuals must be held accountable.

Simmons family is currently suing the facility for wrongful death. Moreover, the family had many complaints about her care prior to her death. Tragically all of the family's complaints were discounted, which resulted in Simmons untimely death. Currently there is an investigation into Simmons death as well. Prior to Simmons death family members found bruises, cuts, black eyes, and stitches on her body leading them to believe she was being abused while under the care of Midwest Rehabilitation.

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