Man develops painful bedsores after surgery

Sixty-five year old William Dieser went into St. Anthony’s Medical Center to be treated for a cyst on his pancreas; he wound up developing a bedsore requiring two additional surgeries and a skin graft. Dieser developed these sores as a result of malpractice and improper care while he was in recovery from surgery. After the initial cyst surgery, Dieser was transferred to the intensive care unit where a pressure ulcer was discovered two days later. The sore reached all the way to the bone. According to Dieser, the pain was indescribable and the entire experience was horrible.

Dieser filed the original complaint against the hospital in 2009, and refiled in 2013. He alleged he did not receive proper care to protect him from the sore. Medical malpractice claims are usually claims of negligence. The hospital is under a duty to provide patients with adequate care. When that duty is breached and the breach causes the resulting damage, the hospital will be held liable for negligence. In Dieser’s case, the hospital breached that duty when they failed to provide him with adequate postoperative care; which resulted in his excruciating bedsores.

Dieser’s wife, Sherry, stood by his side while taking pictures of the entire ordeal. Those pictures were later used as evidence in trial which helped them win their case. The pictures were especially important because the actual medical records did not reflect the extent to which Dieser was injured. Beverly Bokovitz, the chief nursing officer at St. Anthony’s, expressed sympathy for Dieser; stating she was sorry and noting the reality of each patient presenting a variety of risks.

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