Local woman dies while snorkeling in Florida

What was supposed to be a relaxing Florida Keys vacation for several people, turned into tragedy. In addition, three people died in separate and unrelated snorkeling accidents all on the same day. Furthermore, three people died in separate incidents while snorkeling on vacation in Marathon, Florida. All accidents happened on Monday and took the lives of two men, and one woman while snorkeling. Likewise, the first victim was 71-year-old, Richard Gueringer of Texas when he was pulled out of the water unconscious while snorkeling in Key West Fury. He was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The second victim was 72-year-old, Larry Coltrin of Chicago, Illinois that died while snorkeling in the Dry Tortugas on Monday. An autopsy of Coltrin's accident is scheduled. Lastly on Monday, 64-year-old, Julia Thien of Wood River, Illinois died as she was snorkeling. Thien began having trouble, but before she could be brought back on board the Keys Diver II, it was too late.

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