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Lawsuit alleges some wines have high levels of arsenic


If you like to enjoy an occasional glass of wine, you may want to check the label. In addition, if the wine you're used to drinking typically costs less than $10, chances are it has high amounts of arsenic in it. Likewsie, a class action lawsuit has been filed against some top-selling wineries in California alleging their wine has too high levels of arsenic in them. Furthermore, just a few of the brands named in the lawsuit are:

  • Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck White Zinfandel
  • Franzia White Grenache
  • Menage a Trois Moscato

All wines had three to five more times arsenic than is allowed in drinking water as regulated by the EPA. Typically of the wines tested high for arsenic, many are less than $10, and are white or blush. Arsenic is a carcinogen that if ingested in large quantities or long periods of time can cause serious health problems. The goal of the lawsuit is to clean up the wineries in California for the consumer.

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