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Driver charged in fatal semi crash in Ohio


A fatal motor vehicle crash involving a semi has taken the life of one man in Jackson County, Ohio. In addition, the fatal crash happened early Thursday on US Route 35 at Township Road 213 when 41-year-old, Manuel Ortiz ran a stop sign with his semi at Township Road 35. As a result, Ortiz drove into the path of a truck driven by 21-year-old, Ricky Cartwright. Furthermore, Cartwright's truck then hit the trailer of the semi, and thus sent him into the median. Sadly, Cartwright was killed at the scene. According to the Ohio Highway Patrol Ortiz did not stop after the accident, and drove from the scene.

Police later stopped him in Putnam County, West Virginia and was arrested. Ortiz waived his extradition in West Virginia and was taken back to Ohio and is now facing vehicular manslaughter and failure to stop after the fatal crash. After his hearing, Ortiz stated before the crash he heard a loud noise, but was unsure what it was from because it was so foggy out. Likewise, Ortiz stated he pulled over down the road and noticed the damage to the truck, and was unsure of what had happened; he panicked and didn't know what to think.

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