Chevrolet Volt's recalled due to carbon monoxide risk

General Motors has been added to the list of vehicle recalls as of late due to a carbon monoxide issue. Furthermore, the company is recalling 50, 249 of its plug-in Chevy Volt's so a software issue can be fixed. The concern is due to the possibility that drivers and passengers may accidentally be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning. The issue happens through a mix-up concerning whether or the driver can tell the car's engine is running, which is something that seems to affect many hybrid cars.

In addition, many drivers can't easily tell if a cars engine is running on battery power or not. Likewise, if the car is charging inside a garage, and the engine turns on, it could release carbon monoxide. Thus far GM has reported that two people have been injured from this issue. The Volt recall is for 2011-2013 model years, and the software fix will limit the amount of time the vehicle can idle in the "on" position. Currently, there are no warnings on the vehicle to alert drivers that the car is still running.

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