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California train engineer dies following accident


Last week in Oxnard, California a commuter train and pickup crashed, leaving one dead. Likewise, the accident happened on February 24th when the train hit a southbound truck, which got stuck on the rails; the truck mistook the rails for a road. The impact of the accident derailed the train, and the truck burst into flames.

Miraculously, the 54-year-old truck driver, Jose Alejandro Sanchez Ramierez survived the crash. Police found Ramierez disorientated yet unhurt following the fatal accident. Sadly, train engineer, Glenn Steele, died as a result of his injures sustained in the accident. Luckily, although there were 30 people injured, there were no other deaths related to the crash. Steele spent have of his life with Metrolink, and at the time of his death was the rail's most senior engineer.

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