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Boy dies after eating pancakes that were supposed to be dairy free; family sues.


Many people who don't suffer from food allergies don't understand the potential life threatening consequences someone may suffer after eating something containing what they are allergic to. In addition, a Minnesota boy has died following a restaurant mix up, after he ate pancakes containing diary. 16-year-old, Scott Johnson was deathly allergic to dairy since birth. Even trace amount of dairy Scott had in the past sent him to the hospital. Likewise, Scott and his family were always careful of the food around him, and whether or not it contained dairy.

One fateful morning on June 2014, Scott's sisters wanted pancakes for breakfast, so they went to the Minnesota Nice Café. Upon ordering the pancakes, Scott's mother, Cindy Johnson confirmed with the server that the gluten-free pancakes were also dairy- free as well. After checking with the cook, all confirmed they were in fact free of dairy. Cindy also requested the grill be cleaned prior to Scott's pancakes being made to ensure there was no risk of cross contamination as well. The pancakes finally came, and Scott began eating them; he ate two. Suddenly, just as Scott finished his final bite, he knew something was wrong and told his family they had to go.

Unfortunately, Scott forgot to bring his life saving Epi-pen and nebulizer to the restaurant, which helps to open his airways in case of a deadly reaction. By the time the Johnson's got home and administered the life saving medicine, it was not working. When Scott reached the hospital, his heart had failed from suffering a severe anaphylactic reaction. Sadly, Scott died three days later. The Johnson family is now suing the restaurant that served the pancakes containing dairy, after they said they were free of the allergen.

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