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Baby survives car crash in Utah


Miraculously an 18-month-old baby survived hanging upside down in a car following a motor vehicle accident. In addition, the crash happened in Utah when the baby's mother, 25-year-old, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck crashed her vehicle into a frigid Utah river late Friday night. Although a resident nearby heard the noise of a loud boom, nothing seemed out of the ordinary that cold night. That was until the next morning, about 14 hours later, when a fisherman happened to stumble upon the wreckage.

Furthermore, the fisherman was wading in the river looking for a good place to fish, when he noticed car wheels sticking out of the water. The fisherman called 9-1-1, and soon after police and fireman arrived at the scene to find a startling discovery. The car was on its side, and although the mother was dead, the baby was not. Likewise, the baby was unresponsive and unconscious living those hours in the cold, but she was alive. Even more unbelievable was that the baby was still strapped to her seat, un-submerged, and hanging upside down. Thus far there is no explanation for the cause of the wreck; no skid marks, drugs, or alcohol.

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